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The Fuse Ladder


The most effective & affordable full-body workout
apparatus for your home or studio


The ladder workout combines the best elements of Pilates, yoga, barre, and interval & resistance training programs. The result is a single apparatus that delivers a full-body workout that addresses every aspect that is essential to a healthy, fit physique, from strength training and functional fitness to balance challenges, flexibility training, cardio endurance, and core work.



The ladder's sleek, space-saving design fits seamlessly into any home gym or studio setting at a price point that makes it more accessible than expensive weight machines or Pilates equipment.


The ladder workout is fun, challenging, and ever-changing. It combines spring weight exercises with climbing, hanging, and agility, and balancing challenges so you'll never get bored or plateau.

THE F.a.Q.

Want to know if the ladder is right for you and your home or studio? Read our Q & A to find out more information about pricing, purchasing, shipping, installation & setup, training, and more.

Each 55-minute class focuses on functional movements, resistance and bodyweight exercises, and balance challenges for an effective routine that targets both larger and smaller, stabilizing muscles. After you’re finished, you’ll never look at a ladder the same way.
— Greatist