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Why Invest in Fuse?
Are you a studio owner who doesn’t have a group exercise program or doesn’t have a profitable one? Are you thinking about opening a fitness studio but want something unique to your market? Are you bored doing the same workout all the time or seeing the same types of workouts opening at every corner? Do you want to own your own successful business with the help of people who’ve figured out the details so you don’t have to?




A recent report by the American College of Sports Medicine says bodyweight training will be the fitness trend of 2015, replacing spinning, Zumba, and HIIT. Why? It works and it’s one of the least expensive workouts out there. Plus, Pilates-based bodyweight training has decades of proven success for transforming bodies quickly and safely.

Let’s talk about the Fuse Franchise.


Fuse has a decade of experience making core-based fitness exciting. When we tell people that we routinely get hundreds of people taking our mat classes in a single week, they’re stunned. “Mat doesn’t sell,” they say.

But, Pilates-inspired mat classes can be tougher than reformer and they can be offered at a more affordable price point and to a greater number of students than apparatus classes. With the ability to safely teach twenty or more students in a class, the profit margin is high. Plus, Fuse attracts an audience that shies away from traditional Pilates and core training but are still taught intelligently and creatively by smart teachers trained to make multi-level classes work.

The Fuse Franchise is designed for those who want to set up a stand alone business. It includes our mat and/or ladder class, our branding, and our constant assistance, every step of the way.

watch Fuse Mat Redefine Hard Core


If you already have a successful business or want to have a business with your own branding and business plan, consider licensing Fuse Ladder.

What about licensing?

Our latest workout is a proprietary apparatus and class called Fuse Ladder that took over a year and a half to develop and has students and exercise professionals buzzing. Finally, in a fitness market overrun with barre and yoga studios, “functional training” that’s far from functional, and boring gyms– here’s a workout that’s completely new, entirely effective, and insanely fun.

The Fuse Ladder appeals to students who want a weight-training, functional fitness workout that’s tough, unique, and ever-changing. Our apparatus is far less expensive than reformers or weight machines and takes up much less space. The same space that hosts Fuse Ladder classes can be used for mat-based classes, doubling your offering.

The Fuse Ladder is a powerhouse of a workout with major curb appeal (everyone from barre aficionados to Tabata instructors are swooning over this tough workout!). Plus, it’s unbelievably fun, capturing moves that you haven’t done since you were a kid on the playground.

With a focus on standing work (and climbing and hanging), it’s the perfect antidote to the sedentary lifestyle most of us live.

  • Like Fuse mat, Ladder classes are taught on request and to music.
  • This unique, challenging workout features a proprietary apparatus, combining spring weight exercises similar to a Pilates Tower with tough climbing, hanging, agility, and balancing challenges.
  • Class begins with a heart-pumping climbing sequence, followed by standing lunges, squats and balance challenges. Floor work follows, incorporating springs and the ladder rungs for added challenge. Class ends with a hanging sequence, strengthening the upper body and lengthening the spine.

watch Fuse Ladder Redefine Hard Core


Want to learn more? To start a conversation, email us at info@fusepilates.com.



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