Fuse Ladder Teacher Training

Fuse Ladder Teacher Training

In addition to our online training studio, we also offer in-depth, in-person training sessions at your studio or at our headquarters in Washington, DC.

If you’re using your Fuse Ladder for group classes or private instruction, in-person trainings are a great way to learn how you can use your ladder as a Pilates wall tower, accessory for mat work, Swedish bars (stall bars), Ped-o-Pull, weight machine, and more.

We cover a huge range of exercises, including moves for upper body, lower body, core, and glutes, as well as balance, strength, and flexibility. Your training also includes a detailed manual with more than 160 exercises and 500 more variations of those exercises!

In-person training is available at your location for all orders of three or more Fuse Ladders, and we will travel to you — you simply pay travel expenses to your location and $300 per person (with the exception of the studio owner, whose training is complementary). We also offer training at our Washington, D.C. headquarters for those who bought single units for $495 per person.

Email us for more information about booking a teacher training session!

Prefer an online option? You can schedule an online private session with Fuse Ladder creator Mariska Breland. She’ll take you through the Fuse Ladder’s applications for physical therapy or teach you a class using her group class format. Email us for more information.