Fuse Ladder

Fuse Ladder


Includes Fuse Ladder apparatus and accessories. Shipping and handling will be added at checkout. We are currently accepting orders for the USA, Europe & Canada.

• Note: We offer bulk discount pricing. Please email us at info@fuseladder.com if you are interested in purchasing five or more Fuse Ladders.

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Your Fuse Ladder package contains:

1  Fuse Ladder
1  Roll-Down Bar
1  Padded Backboard
2  Pairs of Sliding Eyelets (4 total)
2  47cm Yellow Short Springs (light)
2  64cm Yellow Long Springs (light)
2  64cm Purple Long Springs (medium heavy)
1  Pair Hand/Foot Straps with Double D-rings & Metal Clips

The Fuse Ladder comes fully assembled except for the top bar.