Fuse Ladder Features


Width: 32 inches
Height: 94 inches
Depth: 3.5 inches (18 inches with top bar attachment)

Your Fuse Ladder package includes:

•1  Fuse Ladder
•Roll-Down Bar
•Padded Backboard
•Pair of Sliding Eyelets
•2 Yellow Short Springs
•2 Yellow Long Springs
•2 Purple Long Springs
•Pair of Hand/Foot Straps with Double D-rings & Metal Clips
•Pair of Handles
• Instruction Manual & Video Tutorial
• Fuse Ladder Basics Video Course

Fuse Ladder Pricing

Reformers and weight machines can be expensive. We designed the Fuse Ladder to be an affordable alternative to expensive weight machines and pricey Pilates equipment. 

$1699 EACH + Shipping & Handling

$1499 EACH + Shipping & Handling for all orders of 3 or more Fuse Ladders

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently accepting orders for the USA only. Please click here for international orders.


Free In-Person Training!

Buying three or more ladders? We’ll come to your location and train you and two of your favorite soon-to-be Fuse Ladder addicts… for FREE!

Email us for details about our two-day on-site training including scheduling, booking, travel, and pricing for additional trainees for groups larger than three.