New to the Fuse Ladder? Read on to learn more.

• What is the Fuse Ladder and who created it?

The Fuse Ladder apparatus and workout were created by Fuse Pilates founder Mariska Breland as a way to incorporate the most challenging and beneficial aspects from different regimens like Pilates, yoga, barre, and interval and resistance training programs. The result is a single apparatus that delivers a full-body workout to address all the elements that are essential to a healthy, fit physique, like strength training and functional fitness, balance, flexibility, cardio, and core work.

• Where else can I buy a Fuse Ladder?

This website is currently the only place to buy a ladder for your home or studio. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please email us at info@fuseladder.com.

•How much is the Fuse Ladder?

$1699 each + shipping & handling. We will apply a group discount of $1499 each + shipping & handling for orders of 5 or more ladders.

• What are the dimensions of the Fuse Ladder?

Each Fuse Ladder is:

32 inches Wide
94 inches High
3.5 inches Deep (18 inches deep with top bar attachment)

• How much does the Fuse Ladder weigh? How much weight can it support?

The Fuse Ladder weighs 64 kg (141 lb). It supports a maximum weight of 117 kg (260 lb). 

•How much Pilates experience do I need to have before I can use a Fuse Ladder?

None! Your purchase includes online videos that will explain exactly how to use your ladder and provide an overview of the basic exercises. Additional online training modules will be debuting in 2019.

• Do I need any special equipment to assemble or use a Fuse Ladder at my home or studio?

The Fuse Ladder requires a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet. The wall where you install your ladder should contain studs to help support the frame. You will need to secure your ladder to the wall using the three brackets attached to the ladder, and you will need to fasten the brackets to the wall using screws. We recommend that you consult with a contractor to determine best mounting options for your walls.

• Can I order a Fuse Ladder right now?

Go to our Buy page to order. If we are out of stock you can get on the wait list here.

•Where can I take a Fuse Ladder class?

Fuse Ladder classes with its creator and her trained teachers are currently offered at Fuse Pilates in Washington, DC. You can also find other locations by visiting our Take a Class page.

• Do you offer Fuse Ladder training?

We offer a comprehensive in-person training program, which is ideal for those who are looking to use the Fuse Ladder for group classes or private sessions. Email us for more information. Ask about our free on-site apparatus training if you are purchasing five or more ladders for a group fitness setting.

• Is the Fuse Ladder safe for people with shoulder/arm/upper back injuries?

Yes. While the ladder is great for working your arms, back, and shoulders, ladder workouts incorporate a range of moves to deliver a full-body workout, so there are plenty of exercise options for those who feel they should avoid certain areas or movements. The Fuse Ladder can be a safe and effective way to create or maintain a workout regimen while you manage injuries and other short term or chronic issues that limit only certain aspects of your capabilities. The ladder is also infinitely adjustable, so there are several options available to challenge a full range of capabilities with each exercise, such as reducing spring resistance or eliminating springs entirely from arm work to make it accessible for those with arm injuries or weakness.


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